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Darkside OG

If you lucky enough to find, it’s a must try. Vape some oil, 80% THC, 5% terpenes. The taste is smooth, and earthy, woody, like old school hash. The effect wash over you, leaving you happy, relaxed, pain and worry free. For more experienced smokers, there’s enough sativa to keep you going though. For beginners or occasional smokers, take it slowly. This is some heavy shit!


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broken apart and smoked, rich flavors and smells of skunky earthy diesel and sweet kush will blend together for a flavor explosion that is out of this world.

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3 reviews for Darkside OG

  1. Sim

    Gives you a relaxing mellow high, its so cool. Love it!

  2. Emil Ciara

    Just smoked one. Feeling super good. Amazing body feels and head high. Cool website from services to products to everything. Thank you so much!

  3. Becker Deeney

    Hands down the most sedating strain I’ve tried so far. It gives you about 15 minutes of up happy talking. And then done. Just DONE. Don’t fight it and go to bed. Best sleep I’ve had in years.

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