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OG Kush

OG Kush is a cross between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush. Chemdawg is a straight-to-the-brain hybrid, while Hindu Kush is a heavy Indica. These two strains would make OG Kush a perfect blend for any cannabis user.


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OG Kush is known for its strength and complex aroma and flavour profile. The aroma and flavour is bold and attention-grabbing. It is coupled with notes of earth, pine, diesel, spice and citrus.

Typically, this strain test between 19-25% THC and with up to 0.3% CBD. The intense high hits quickly with a buzzy body high and bright euphoria.

It’s a perfect hybrid for any occasion, but may vary somewhat due to its different phenotypes. Also, some users may get a stronger indica feel with deep, relaxing effects. Meanwhile, others may have stronger sativa results and feel more euphoria at the beginning of their high. But everyone can agree it is a solid hybrid.

However, users have indicated that this strain is good for taking out stress and anxiety. That not withstanding, with its potency and high THC content, people who are sensitive should be aware, that this strain can bring on paranoia sometimes.

Medicinal users enjoy OG Kush because it does help increase appetite for those individuals having trouble keeping food down or experiencing gastrointestinal issues. People also use OG Kush to relieve pain symptoms.

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4 reviews for OG Kush

  1. Theo Roberto

    Just got the OG Kush. Smooth, great taste, & all body relief. Helped my insomnia, arthritis, neuropathy & fibromyalgia. Highly recommend this strain. Best site I’ve come across

  2. Sergio Rick

    Gave me a super relaxing high. One of the most relaxed ones I’ve ever had. Or maybe THE most relaxing one I’ve ever had. I’d say great for sleep. Would highly highly recommend! This site has the best quality shit I’ve ever smoked.

  3. Havertz Ben

    By far my favorite strain I’ve ever smoked the feeling you get is incredible I’d give it more stars if I could

  4. Havana Shariel

    Buds were small, tight. Wonderful aroma and taste. Burning one was all I needed. Reminiscent of great old school herb. Strong head high, and body harmony.

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