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White Widow

THC levels tend to vary but average around the low teens. Some batches have tested above 20%, however. Reviewers have noted this strain may have the effect of improving mood and enhancing creativity and social comfort. White Widow is popular in the recreational community because of its potential to improving social stamina without leaving the user lethargic.


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White Widow Strain

White Widow cannabis strain is a legendary 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid. It was first bred in the Netherlands in the early ’90s, and rumoured to be created in the mountains of Kerala. Buds are conical and fully soaked in resin and a blanket of white trichomes, making for a sparkler of an herb.
White Widow has a smooth exhale that won’t cause coughing, and an overall pepper and lemon taste and smell. It can treat nausea, pain, PTSD, and stress. This strain is great for daytime or evening use.


The smell of White Widow is incredibly pungent and savory, with some piney undertones and just a hint of spice. Once smoked, the delicious flavor is sweet and fruity, and it leaves behind a slightly sugary aftertaste. Despite White Widow’s sweet flavor, it definitely packs a punch so coughing might be inevitable.

Immediately after smoking, you will experience a burst of energy and euphoria leaving you feeling uplifted, conversational, and creative. If you have any anxiety or stress, you can kiss that goodbye after a few puffs of white widow.

However, after a while the effects become heavier and you may end up stuck on the couch for a while. Especially in a case where you’re not already engaged in some sort of activity. Of course, whether or not you’re couch locked depends on many factors: how you consume it (smoke, vape, edibles, etc.), your tolerance level, and how it’s grown.

White Widow High

White Widow cannabis strain’s high is potent and lasts for hours. It will mesmerize your body but won’t put you to sleep, instead inducing a gleeful cerebral buzz with creativity, laughter and social behaviour. May cause paranoia or headaches.
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4 reviews for White Widow

  1. Paul

    Just got this for the first time in ages years. Taste really good and sweet, perfect for relaxing.

  2. Daren Adams

    Highly recommend this website! Got a pound of WW, it was exceptional. Very low key, relaxing high. No harsh flavor and smooth smoke. No dry mouth, no anxiety or paranoia. I felt very peaceful and sleepy. Helped my muscle pain as well. Definitely a new favorite!! Amazing website very reliable!

  3. Marian Trern

    I have a variety of medical problems including bad seizures. This strain was very good. It tasted good, smelt good, and was quite effective. I would recommend this strain to anyone that is interested in top shelf cannabis. Also, their customer service was amazing. One of the best sites I’ve been to.

  4. Ivy Shadow

    This is a very good beginners strain, which, if smoked, will give you a milder effect than other strains. Not recommended for philosophers, as the effect is shallow.

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