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Purple Haze Bud

Purple Haze is a thing of beauty with its distinctive, dense, purple nugs covered in gangling, orange hairs. Savor the sweet aroma, and unclouded, rejuvenating high provided by this classic strain.


(4 Reviews )

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4 reviews for Purple Haze Bud

  1. Clark

    I love this I am a cancer patient this has helped with my chemo treatment this needs to be legal in all fifty states. This weed is the tops in my book.

  2. Carlson Winks

    A bud dipped in Rosin, then covered with Keif!!! What else do you need to know A Winning combination. I love this site you are the best!

  3. Yvonne Durk

    Took me from down in the dumps to having a cool time. Thank you Buyweedcenter, I had fun.

  4. Tasha Jih

    purple haze from Budweedcenter has to be one of the best smelling; tasting flower I’ve had in awhile. the bud structure was magnificent but wasn’t so cool with the pricing

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