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Northern Lights

Very relaxing and indica-dominant effect, at times able to induce sleep.  A heavy head, heavy eyelids, and a smile are the main effects of this strain, making it a great nighttime selection.


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Northern Light Strain is a stout disease and mold-resistant plant with dark green, broad leaves. However, it seems apparent that Northern Lights is Afghani in origin.  There are several varieties of Northern Light Strains that worked their way into breeding stock for Sensi Seeds.

Northern Light Strain is rare these days and was the taller and frostier selection with a fresh scent. Northern Lights #2 is more stout, piney-smelling, and very mite-resistant. Moreover, Northern Lights #5 is the most popular, potent, and vigorous one.

With its longstanding history and popularity, Northern Light is in high-demand in most legal cannabis markets. Also, since it can be hard to come by at the dispensary, many home growers enjoy cultivating Northern Light.

Also, selecting the right marijuana seeds is important when cultivating Northern Light and growers who want consistent results should look for feminized Northern Lights seeds to ensure a reliable harvest.

Due to high THC concentration, Northern Light is extremely potent. She never fails to deliver an overwhelming body buzz. This herb is not recommended for beginners.

Moreover, her genetics are found in many good hybrids worldwide. Being one of the most potent indicas, Northern Light Strain is one of the best natural painkillers known. This weed is good for night time use

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4 reviews for Northern Lights

  1. Stacy2112

    Awesome strain, helped with my insomnia! I really recommend. This strain will leave you floating in an unknown galaxy, the euphoria is out of this world. Great job buyweedcenter, keep it up!

  2. Hans Young

    This is an all time favorite strain. Wow the aroma is so intoxicating and once I vaporize the flower. …. Magic!!!! It feels like the sweetest embrace!!!!!! Try it. Enjoy!!

  3. Justin Enad

    Halfway trough the joint and I was already stoned af. You will get insanely calm, that’s for sure. Thanks lots this site is the best.

  4. Deran Joe

    Smoked this with my girl and man, we were relaxed, happy, giggly, and giddy. This is easily the best strain I’ve ever had. So in love with this site!

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