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Make sure you don’t accidentally indulge in some of this strain in the evening, as the energy you get from J-27 is hard-hitting and long-lasting. Many liken it to a morning cup of coffee and use it as a way to get through a busy day.


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Origin Of J27 Strain

J27 Strain is one of those strains of unknown origins which always tend to be more fun. This strong sativa strain is certainly one you can have a good time with.

Also said to be named after the highway found in Central California, J-27 strain brings users a typical set of uplifting effects that are best for experienced smokers.Pod Systems and Loon Pods, all currently available at Vaping Corp

Furthermore, while no one really knows who her parents are, J-27 is rumored to be an offshoot of Jack Herer.

Content Of J27 Strain

Buckle up for this ride, as THC levels often reach upward of 20% in this rare strain. Nugs of J-27 grow to be quite large and include a healthy covering of orange hairs. Also, they are great for recreational and medical purposes,

Furthermore, to compliment her color palette, these buds feature a strong citrus aroma that’s literally mouth watering.

Some users note a hint of pine at the end, although it’s faint and only discernible by those with an incredible sense of smell.

Imagine speeding down the J-27 highway in California; that’s pretty much the experience you’ll have during this strain’s high. It hits right away with a huge burst of energy and creativity.

Effects Of J27 Strain

This allows users to be completely uplifted and focused on whatever is in front of them.

J-27 imparts a talkative and often times giggly state of mind, making it a perfect compliment to a weekend with friends or an afternoon with your favorite coworkers, its no stranger to social situations,

Also, as wonderful as it is for recreational use, this strain is just as great for medical patients. When you’re in pain or feeling an overwhelming amount of stress, you don’t want to have to wait for relief. With its quick onset, J-27 brings her benefits to you fast.

Also, nearly any mood disorder can be soothed by a few hits, although newer users are cautioned. Indulging too much could incite paranoia or anxiety. Daytime fatigue and general body pain are also greatly affected by J-27’s effects

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2 reviews for J-27

  1. Dope

    Very strong strain. Instantly worked, and lasted a good while. You got good shit!

  2. Herald Kades

    A good Sativa, similar to Jack Herer in many ways.

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