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Moon rocks molly gold is one of the great moonrocks strains with outstanding medical benefits. To make these moon rocks molly, first of all start with our private reserve OG which we Infuse with High Potency Wax utilizing our proprietary process. Then we dust the product with Top Quality Kief to create dense concentrated buds with SC Labs tests over 50% THC. Have an amazing experience and an A1 day with our top quality gold moon rocks molly available at our store. The Zodiak Moonrock Cartridge is of no exception.

Manufacturer 1 Stop Extracts
THC Content 50.11%
CBD Content 0.68%
CBN Content 0.15%

Medical Benefits of Our Moon Rocks 

  • Chronic Pain Relief: The average THC content in this product can be over 50%. Patients find a significant reduction in pain while using our gold moon rocks molly. The long-lasting effect of these is proving to bring much needed relief to those suffering with pain.
  • Stimulating Appetite: Medical marijuana is typically used to stimulate a non-existent appetite, like for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Our buds also intensify the sensation to eat. relieving most patients with loss of appetite. It provides a quick acting stimulant that allows even the smallest of eaters to find a taste for food again and to nourish their healing bodies.
  • Nausea Relief: Taken in small doses, moon rocks bring much needed relief to patients suffering from severe nausea. The high THC content, combined with a .15% CBD rating, helps reduce a patient’s symptoms.
  • Reduce Anxiety: Also, they are known among cannabis connoisseurs to provide long lasting anxiety relief. Otherwise anxious patients are now finding a new way to relax.
  • Suppressed Seizures: Medical marijuana use is significant in suppressing seizures. Patients are finding they are having fewer and less severe seizures episodes.

Have an amazing hit with the gold moon rocks molly like you have never had before by exploring the top quality highly rated strains we have available at our shop.

3 reviews for Moon Rocks Molly Gold

  1. Paddy

    Best pain reliever out there. Experienced users just need 2-3 hits, then “Goodbye”.

  2. Celine Sensi

    Wow I can’t be happier with this product. Got my order from the mail this morning and I must say I’m space walking at the moment. lol. This is the real shit, money well spent. Great job buyweedcenter!

  3. Mina Nolly

    Very smooth, easy to smoke – not super “coughy” Did experience paranoia, but it was easily ignorable and went away after twenty minutes or so. Super chill body high, a bit of a swimming feeling in the head

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