G-13 Strain

G13 enhances social interactions to being a social pariah or that G13 induces a focused energy for creativity to sedating someone into a “couch-lock” high where their mind wanders another planet. The evaluation: the G13 high is as unique as its origins.


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G 13 Strain was created at the University of Mississippi in the 70’s as a government project to breed super genetics of cannabis. Some unknown lab technician was able to sneak out a cutting of a high-yielding and easy to grow super strain. G 13 then came to be known as what the lab labeled it alongside TKO Carts.

The indica to sativa ratio has shifted quite favorably to the sativa side since its release 50 years ago to a 70/30. Despite this, it still packs a huge indica punch. The G 13 strain THC content is upwards of 24%, making it somewhat moderate these days, but very potent back in the 70’s.

The consensus is quite varied from user to user, or maybe this strain is so mutilated from its former Frankenstein strain genetics. Also fromconstant cloning that it has various phenotypes under the same name which is why it elicits such varied effects.

Usually, users agree G 13 strain brings on an instant euphoria from such a relaxed state that the surface of the skin tingles before wanting to take a nap. This strain is quite potent and the G 13 strain THC level is noticeably higher causing a bit of paranoia to sneak up on you.

This strain would be best recommended to experienced users or people who want to relax. Also, to people who want to watch a movie or cook up an epic meal and eating every bite of it. It’s best to be home in case of extreme hunger, paranoia or sleepiness sets in.

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3 reviews for G-13 Strain

  1. Nisa50

    Top quality! Love the relaxing sensation and the sense of well being i get from her. She got lots of crystals all over with a light green bud color. a very sweet and saw dust kinda aroma.

  2. Gilberto

    Unbelievable creativity when under the influence. Over 2 hours staying power. It was comparable to none I’ve tasted before

  3. Noela Angels

    Honestly when we bought this strain to try I was skeptical. As someone who smokes twice a day most days, my tolerance is really high and most weed strains don’t murder me anymore. This strain? I don’t remember anything that happened after I took a bong hit of the stuff, but my boyfriend told me I was in another world. 10/10 will smoke again

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