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Blueberry Haze

Due to its various effects, Blueberry Haze is also widely used for therapeutic purposes. The clarity and rush it gives the user can be used to help people suffering from depression or stress. Obviously,


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Blueberry Haze has some effects that will begin to show just after you smoke it. The opening and the many apparent effects of smoking this stain is an elevated transcending activity. In simple words, you will feel your thoughts flowing much faster and freely from one to the next.

Also much of this though can cause paranoia in some cases. Nevertheless, if care and control usually are exercised. It can result to a spike in brain activity. This can motivate and charge you to tackle whichever tasks you have pending. Also, Blueberry Haze offers you a focused mindset. As a result, you could accomplish both mundane and inspired tasks with equal productivity and ease.

Eventually though, the burst of energy wears off leaving you in a calm and relaxed state. However, if smoked in large quantities, the ensuing calmness can even lull you into a deep sleep. Blueberry strain can also have a powerful aphrodisiac-like effect on the user.

But, as the high resulting from Blueberry Haze typically ends in impairment, it is proposed to quota smoking this particular strain. This is usually in the late evenings or early afternoons so that it does not interfere with your other obligations.

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4 reviews for Blueberry Haze

  1. Silvie20

    Got a banging weed headache but I’ve been high ASF for the last two days so definitely worth it

  2. Cyril Klaus

    Great taste. Good day time high and the buds are physically attractive.

  3. Nelly Friend

    I don’t know if it was me or my high self but I thought about blue berries when I took a hit hahaha

  4. Justin Coates

    Great taste. Good day time high and the buds are physically attractive. Was so pleased with my package.

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