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Blue Dream

Smooth, strong and sweet Actually smells like blueberries. It’s a pretty head heavy high that’s good for short bursts of energy but not really much else. Too chill to use when you really need to focus, but good if you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious.


(3 Reviews )

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3 reviews for Blue Dream

  1. Apple

    I bought this because I’ve been smoking mostly Indica and I got sick of waking up, smoking and going back to sleep.. Blue Dream is energetic but but the 40% Indica takes the edge off…perfect daytime strain in my opinion. You are by far the BEST!!!!

  2. Jackson Sturd

    The Blue Dream I got was wild and very dense. The buds were huge and soaked in resin. It took days for the buds to fully dry out. It didn’t smoke right. But it is fine, now. I like Blue Dream.

  3. Gomez Pat

    Got high fell asleep woke up high went through most of day high. You got top quality! Cheers Buyweedcenter!

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