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AirVape Xs GO Vaporizer


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AirVape Xs GO for Sale

How to use it

To turn on your vaporizer quickly click the power button on the top of the vaporizer 3 times, once it is on hold the power button to obtain your desired temperature. Once chosen, release the button for it to start heating up. There are two separate lights, one telling you the battery life and the other telling you the heat level that you have chosen in a pyramid shape. To pack your new dry herb vaporizer take off the magnetic mouthpiece to reveal the ceramic oven. Pack 0.3 to 0.4 grams of your favorite herb making sure it is finely ground and replace the mouthpiece, once it is securely on you are ready for use.


Temperature and heating 

There are 5 temperature settings: 355, 375, 390, 405, and 420 Fahrenheit which are perfect for temperature control. These settings are indicated by 5 bars on the top, with the shortest bar being the coolest temperature and the longest one being the hottest temperature. Using only one button to control the temperature to heat up and cool down. To change the temperature hold the button down until it is at the desired bar and release the button, the light will then flash letting you know that it is heating. When the flashing light stops and goes solid it is ready to go. The AirVape Xs GO takes 20 seconds to heat up to the optimal temperature. This device is using combustion and convection heating technology to create an even heat distribution to the herb every time.



Standing a little under 4 inches tall and weighing only 2 ounces it fits perfectly in any hand. The Xs GO is the perfect portable vaporizer for fitting into pockets or smaller areas for on the go due to its slim profile. Making sure that the oven is completely empty when in a small area due to the fact that the mouthpiece is connected from a strong magnet it may fall off in the pocket and have herb fall out.

Vapor quality

Out of the box, the first couple of uses will have a bit of a plastic taste. After a few uses and a couple cleans the taste goes away. Aside from the first couple of fills having a plastic taste you are able to taste your herb and the vapor cloud is good. It is the perfect portable dry herb vape for the price point.


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